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Welcome to the UKWebAd Geek Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Geek Books and DVDs.

The books and dvds can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

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ISBN 0091906121

"Are You A Geek" is the ultimate humour book. It will appeal to the inner geek in all of us. The book works by listing truths about obsessive behaviour, that we will all recognise with a slight pang of guilt. It will strike a chord with a wide audience in these nerdy times. The book lists 1,000 things people do that qualify them as geeks. These things are worth between one and five points, depending on their severity. Readers can add up their scores, find out how much of a geek they are, and fill out one of the five certificates at the back of the book. Are you a Geek? Read the book and find out...

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ISBN 0764579568

From the garage to the living room, Geek House provides hackers with 10 PC-based hardware hacking projects that are not for the faint of heart! Taking the DIY mentality to a whole new level, this book teaches techies how to hack, customize, and modify everything-from their sprinkler systems to the temperature of their barbecues Adventurous readers will feast on such projects as installing a bar code inventory system for DVDs or CDs, converting RS232 to wireless, scheduling recording from any television in the house, and creating a remote control finder Companion Web site includes the custom software and source code needed to power these geeky creations.

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ISBN 0750649755

Written by a team of experts and specialist contributors, this comprehensive guide has proved to be an invaluable resource for professional designers and service engineers. Each chapter is written by a leading author, including Don Aldous, Nick Beer, John Borwick, Dave Berriman, John Linsley Hood, Geoff Lewis and John Watkinson, which provides as wide a perspective as possible on high-quality sound reproduction as well as a wealth of expertise. The third edition includes new chapters on servicing, Nicam stereo and digital satellite radio. For the first time in paperback, this revised edition features a completely new chapter on the most recent digital developments, CD-R/RW, HDCD, Internet audio, MP3 players and DAM-CD. Ian Sinclair has written over 140 books on aspects of electronics and computing and has been a regular contributor to the electronics and computing press.

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ISBN 0071459057

This innovative follow-up to the bestselling "Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius" features 40 new projects, designed to appeal to a wide range of hobbyists! This much anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular cult classic "Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius" gives basement experimenters 40 all-new projects to tinker with. Following the tried-and-true "Evil Genius" series format, each project includes a detailed list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, documentation, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions for easy assembly. The convenient two-column format makes following step-by-step instructions a breeze. Readers will also get a quick briefing on mathematical theory and a simple explanation of operation along with enjoyable descriptions of key electronics topics such as various methods of acceleration, power conditioning, energy storage, magnetism, and kinetics. Projects include building: lasers, magnetic cannons, dog bark controlling devices, electronic ventriloquists, light saber recycling stand, automotive neon, sonic insect repellents, earthquake detector, ozone water treating device, and snooper phones.

ISBN 0753505428

Now that the first wave of dotcom mania has passed, the right way to run a website is becoming clearer. If you haven't taken the e-commerce plunge yet, or if you want to get more out of your website, this book offers simple, plain-speaking advice on how to move forward. As one of Britain's best-loved brands, Virgin is synonymous with enterprise and business know-how. This series of inspiring and practical business guides has been created with the help of Warwick Business School, one of the world's leading teaching and research institutions in the field of business and management. Warwick's Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises has internationally acclaimed expertise in the subject of entrepreneurship, gained by working closely with start-up and growth-seeking companies, focusing on their practical needs.
We'll introduce you to the world of e-customers, e-competitors and e-suppliers, taking you through the practical steps of getting and staying online. You'll find out what e-commerce really is and how to do it properly - and above all, profitably - so you can make money instead of draining your resources. With the expert advice in this book, you can stay ahead of this fast moving game.

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ISBN 1556525206

Step-by-step instructions to building over 30 fascinating devices are included in this book for workbench warriors and grown-up inventors. Detailed illustrations and diagrams explain how to construct a simple radio with a soldering iron, a few basic circuits, and three shiny pennies. Instructions are included for a rotary steam engine that requires a candle, a soda can, a length of copper tubing, and just 15 minutes. To use optics to roast a hot dog, no electricity or stove is required, just a flexible plastic mirror, a wooden box, a little algebra, and a sunny day. Also included are experiments most science teachers probably never demonstrated, such as magnets that levitate in mid-air, metals that melt in hot water, a Van de Graaff generator made from a pair of empty cans, and lasers that transmit radio signals. Every experiment is followed by an explanation of the applicable physics or chemistry.

ISBN 007069429X

David B. Weems is an acknowledged expert in speaker systems and speaker enclosures. He has written several books, including all four editions of Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker Systems with Projects and the first edition of this volume. Weems also has contributed numerous articles on speaker systems to such widely read electronics publications as Audio, High Fidelity, Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, and Speaker Builder.

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ISBN 0596008716

Car PC Hacks is the first book available to introduce and entrench you into this hot new market. You can count on the book because it hails from O'Reilly, a trusted resource for technical books. Expect innovation, useful tools, and fun experiments that you've come to expect from O'Reilly's Hacks Series. Maybe you've hacked computers and gadgets, and now you're ready to take it to your car. If hacking is new and you would like to mix cars and computers, this book gets you started with its introduction to the basics of car electrical systems. Even when you're unclear on the difference between amps and watts, expect a clear explanation along with real-life examples to get on track. Whether you're venturing into car PC for the first time or an experienced hobbyist, hop in the book for a joy ride.

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ISBN 0764578766

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to totally tech-out your ride! Geek My Ride is the first do-it-yourself guide to installing a variety of awesome projects that will turn your ordinary vehicle into the ultimate tech rod! Car hacker Auri Rahimzadeh guides readers through 15 cool projects, complete with tools, skills and step-by-step instructions.
Geek My Ride goes way beyond factory options and teaches readers how to install a custom car PC, with Wi-Fi, Internet access, and more. Dive into installing video gaming systems, video surveillance, LED message boards, and more. You'll even learn to how get your car's new MP3 player to sync with your home music collection wirelessly when you pull into the garage!

ISBN 068487170X

You've got a hot idea for a new What do you do? John Nesheim, an adjunct professor at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management, who has personally structured over $300 million in new-venture deals, lays out the step-by-step process in High Tech Start Up. Incorporating some two dozen case studies spanning the technology spectrum, he presents information specific to this industry that will help you get from concept to IPO. It begins with a 14-phase schedule itemising time requirements, necessary assistance, typical participants, major costs, main risks and desired results for each step. It then details all the critical stages (i.e., forming the company, preparing the business plan, assembling the team, dealing with venture capitalists and other funding sources). Nesheim focuses on practical strategies that should certainly improve your chances, but don't start prepping for that on-air interview just yet: Only six out of 1 million high-tech ideas, he notes, ever become successful companies that go public.

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ISBN 0596003145

From How to Hack a Toaster to building Cubicle Intrusion Detection Systems, Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks offers an array of inventive customized electronics projects for the geek who can't help looking at a gadget and wondering how it might be "upgraded." Beginning with basic hacks, tools, and techniques for those who may not have a background in electronics, the book covers the tools of the hardware hacking trade and basic soldering techniques. Clear step-by-step instructions allow even those with no formal electronics- or hardware-engineering skills to hack real hardware in very clever ways. Hacks in the book are rated on a scale of difficulty, cost, and duration. Projects range from those that are truly useful to some things you may have never thought to do, but which are really cool, such as: Building your own arcade game; Making radio-controlled cars play laser tag; Building an automobile periscope; Hacking an 802.11b antenna; Building a building size display.

ISBN 0905705408

Top of the range hi-fi apparatus is now termed 'high-end equipment' and the name is a good indication of the prices charged for it. For those who can not, or will not, pay these prices, there is another solution offered in this book: build your own (at considerable cost savings). But this book is aimed not only at this sector of the market, but also at the many enthusiasts who want to be able to experiment and make their own modifications to their 'high-end' equipment. This book contains construction projects for solid-state and valve preamplifiers and power amplifiers, active cross-over filters, an active subwoofer, a mono/stereo compressor and a headphone amplifier.

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ISBN 076454229X

Two professional PC toy-builders present step-by-step, hands-on instructions for more than a dozen ultra-cool, free, or low-cost projects that readers can build with their PCs. Includes directions for building projects like an MP3 or CD jukebox, a TiVo-like digital video recorder, a weather station, a home surveillance system with Internet remote access, an in-car navigation system, and more. Shows readers how they can use their PCs to perform automotive diagnostics, throw a head-to-head video gaming party, or convert home movies to DVD. Includes a complete list of parts needed and sources of supply for all projects. Appeals to the growing number of tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers who want to do more with their PCs than office work and Web surfing. One of the first of Digital Lifestyle Media's books focused on high-tech projects for the serious technophile.

ISBN 0764583344

Delivers all the know-how would-be online entrepreneurs need to get their business off the ground, from identifying a market need and choosing a Web hosting service to securing transactions and attracting customers. The book has been fully revamped with new coverage of setting up Amazon, Yahoo!, and other storefronts; running an eBay business; building profits via affiliate programs and middlemen; improving rankings on Google and other search engines; securing sites with firewalls; monitoring site traffic; and blogging. Completely updated throughout, with new profiles of successful online businesses, a revised directory of Internet business resources, and the latest on advertising techniques and legal and tax requirements. Contains helpful examples of businesses that survived the dot-com bust and continue to thrive, plus examples of strategies to avoid.

ISBN 0071341196

This complete nuts-and-bolts manual offers expert guidance on choosing and building quality high-power audio amplifiers; Covers amplifier operation and explains each design approach for optimal performance; Discusses various amp designs tailor-made for all kinds of applications, including professional and recreational; Twelve complete amplifier projects, with full details on design, parts, PC board artwork, and construction; This complete nuts-and-bolts manual offers expert guidance on choosing and building quality high-power audio amplifiers; Covers amplifier operation and explains each design approach for optimal performance; Discusses various amp designs tailor-made for all kinds of applications, including professional and recreational; Twelve complete amplifier projects, with full details on design, parts, PC board artwork, and construction.

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ISBN 0764558943

This ultra-cool volume invites readers to tap into your inner geek and build seventeen ultra-cool wireless devices including a solar powered access point, a wireless picture frame that dynamically changes its own photos, and even a wireless car-to-car audio and video system. With a few simple tools, some off-the-shelf parts, and this book, readers will be creating wireless devices they never thought were possible-toys that certainly can't be found at the local computer store. Written by the cofounder and members of the Southern California Wireless Users Group, this book provides readers with hands-on instruction and insider tips and tricks from those who are on the bleeding edge of wireless technology. New addition to the ExtremeTech line of books-books for serious technophiles.

ISBN 1578203120

This books shows how to build a successful e-commerce operation, incorporating careful planning of the customer experience, effective design, cutting-edge programming, and robust server configuration, as well as marketing, customer service, order processing, and warehouse and shipping. This book covers all of the important areas of designing, building, and maintaining a successful Web based business. The second edition addresses e-commerce opportunities with online auctions, peer-to-peer file sharing, and weblogs. This edition also provides the reader with updated and expanded coverage on the complete range of e-commerce issues, including technology, customer experience, security considerations, search engine marketing, and much more.

ISBN 1840005068

This book traces the development of audio design by decade, from the LP record, the birth of hi-fi and the first transistors in the 1950s, through the Japanese hi-fi boom of the 60s and 70s, the CD and the Walkman in the 80s, to the MP3 and DVD players of today. A specification is provided for each piece, along with a history of the design and its place in the development of both the audio industry and contemporary music. In addition, special features are included in each chapter on the music and culture of the time, highlighting the ongoing relationship between hi-fi design and popular culture. A wide range of high-quality audio design is gathered together, including work by major figures such as Dieter Rams, Marco Zanuso and Philippe Starck, and each piece of equipment is illustrated.

ISBN 0071379290

This text contains 120 illustrated, step-by-step, audio electronic projects, complete with parts lists. Broken down topically, the book presents each of the projects in a cookbook format complete with tested schematics and a parts list. It features the four best audio power amplifier designs, and inexpensive home-made testing equipment. It is suitable for the do-it-yourself enthusiast and weekend warrior.


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